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Run School in Tech-Savvy Manner by using Schooleye Mobile App

Gone are the days when teachers send any notification or message to parents by writing down in children’s school diaries. Are you unable to attend parents-teachers meet of your ward due to hectic work schedule? No need to fret or feel guilty. Now-a-days, schools in the Ghaziabad, Faridabad or better to say in Delhi-NCR are subscribing for mobile applications for connecting entire fraternity of schools- be it teachers, parents or children. These mobile applications work in close sync with school management software also known as school ERP and provide instant access to various pieces of information like examinations, attendance records, circulars, meetings, results. etc.

Advantages of using mobile app

One of the main advantages of using app is it allows parents to keep a complete track of their students’ performances without attending schools or interacting with teachers in person. Talking about one such mobile app, SchoolEye app, eliminates the need for parents to attend parents-teachers meeting better known as PTM on a regular basis. Whatever they want to ask from teachers or teachers want to communicate anything, communication is done smoothly via app.

Other advantages of using SchoolEye app is this application comes with a host of features. For instance, parents can download school application form with the help of it, they can pay school fee online by opting any payment gateway amongst many and obtain instant information about any events or important message which school authorities want to communicate. The advantages are not limited to parents only; even school authorities and teachers remain in a comfortable position. For instance, they need not to write long messages in students’ diaries for disseminating any information; a simple broadcast at app will do the work. Similarly the higher management of the school can use the software for tracking expenses and income at their fingertips.

Mobile App Requires One Time Investment

Many schools in Delhi-NCR are developing in-house software to curtail the ongoing management expenses, whereas many small and medium sized educational institutions are not thinking twice while buying the app from required service providers. So, if you are interested in automating your entire school activities and unable to develop the application in-house, contact www.v3m.in . The reputed service provider comprehends your requirement and develops the app suiting to your needs. Need not to mention, you need to make one time investment in the app. So, move with technology by connecting teachers, students and parents with one school mobile app.