3 Reasons why School ERP is Helpful for Teachers

3 Reasons why School ERP is Helpful for Teachers

In running any education institute successfully, teachers play a vital role. Reason being, they are like guiding starts, who light the candle of knowledge and valuable teachings in the lives of students. Moreover, they act as a source of information for parents as well as for the school management. It is due to this reason schools are leaving more and more responsibilities over them. It is because whatever responsibilities schools are handing over them, they are easy to adopt and manage due to school management software.

It is a software program that helps teachers to communicate with students and parents via online medium. Moreover, the software program is well-equipped with several modules that enable them to perform their work quickly and with more precision. Let’s take a look how these modules streamline the work of teachers in an educational institution.

Attendance Module

The attendance module of school ERP has eliminated the tedious and time consuming task of taking attendance manually of all students. Oflate, a biometric machine is installed in the school, so when students enter the school, they need to punch the machine. The entire data is then downloaded into the attendance module of the software.

Time Table Module

Making time table on regular basis is a daunting task for teachers as they need to think wisely which time slot need to be allotted against particular subject. But, timetable module brings a sigh of relief for them. The school ERP provides the best solution for creating timetable in quite simple manner. Moreover, changes are visible to students in real time manner, therefore teachers are free to make changes even at the last time whenever required. Because the timetable module is accessible to students also, so teachers need not to inform students over and over again for making changes.

Homework Assignments

Not only teachers, even students feel the homework assignment as one of the best modules of the school management software. With the help of module, teachers get the flexibility to create different kinds of assignments which can be allotted section wise, class-wise or to a particular group of students. Moreover, teachers can pre-schedule the homework as well as pre-fixed the deadline on the web portal which would be highlighted to students on the date specified by them. This eases the task of teaches to assign homework as per their availability.

Because of aforementioned and many other modules, teachers are finding the school ERP as a boon for an education institution. SchoolEye is one of the school management software which has been widely used in several schools of Delhi-NCR. The users are quite satisfied with its user-friendly interface and recommending it to other institutes as well. If you want to gain more information about SchoolEye ERP, contact www.v3m.in

Summary- Teachers of educational institutions are finding the school ERP quite useful as it helps in performing time consuming tasks in the nick of time. For instance, attendance module, homework assignment module, etc. enable them to shoulder their responsibility quickly.