School ERP

SchoolEye: A Complete Software ERP Manages School Functions Adequately

Of late, education institutions are investing heavily in technology for improving the education system as well as overall effectiveness of running institutes. For instance, previously teachers use blackboard while explaining different questions and concepts of subjects. Now, blackboards are replaced with projectors in classes. Similarly, when it comes to managing day to day operations of institutes, automation is the perfect solution. Previously, all expenses and important data are maintained manually by trained resources. With the availability of school ERP, the same thing is performed within a fraction of seconds by using less human resource.

School ERP is school management software that automates each and every school activity by interlinking different departments and keeping updated record of the same. More and more education institutions be it playgroup or universities are enrolling for these software due to its power-packed features.

Features of School ERP

  • The software is simple to understand and easy to use. Anyone with computer literacy will able to understand and operate it easily. Impressive dashboards and user-friendly interface further creates interests of every user.
  • The software is not only useful for school staff but equally helpful for parents as well as students. Students will get updated information related to their syllabus and exams and parents can communicate directly with teachers through this platform.
  • The software is equipped with unique reporting tool where endless reports can be obtained within a fraction of seconds. For instance, fee module provides detailed report about how many students have deposited their fee and so on. This further helps the higher management to take informed decisions that too quickly.
  • The software is complimented with mobile application, which allows the higher management as well as parents to keep a track of everything at their fingertips.
  • Last but not the least, the software is easy to afford as it involves one-time cost only. The service providers provide complete training to school teachers as well as non-teaching staff regarding its usage.

Amongst several software available in the market, SchoolEye is one of the school ERP which is being used by a number of schools and universities in Delhi-NCR. It is packed with powerful features, which are easy to understand as well as customize as per individual education institution requirements.