School Management Software

Transform School Functioning by Implementing School Management Software

Oflate, several educational institutions are adopting the model of management information system, popularly known as school management software, for streamlining day-to-day activities of running an institution efficiently and cost-effectively. Also known as a school ERP, the software is designed in such a manner that it captures complete information related to school like students and teachers’ profile, enrolment of students, progress report of students, teachers’ attendance and salaries, time table and many more.

The software is equipped with several modules which help in reducing manual efforts both at teachers and students level, and communicate information from one level to other in the fastest possible manner.

Different Modules of School Management Software

Admission Management – All processes related to admissions like registration, documents verification, fee deposition, etc., are quite time consuming and demand the highest level of proficiency. However, by using school management software like SchoolEye, all tasks can be performed easily without devoting much time and energy. The module helps parents and students to download and upload registration form online along with necessary documents, depositing fee online, tracking status of application online, etc. On the other hand, the management gets complete report about number of admissions in a particular year, total fee deposition, enquiries, etc.

Student Information Module – This module is rated as one of the most important modules for school management as it maintains detailed information about each and every student enrolled in an education institution. Details education background along with personal information, character certificate, transfer certificate, progress report year-on-year basis, etc. are few pieces of information can be fetched easily with this module.

Employee Management Module – The teaching as well as non-teaching staff constitutes backbone of any educational organization. Thus, it is prudent for schools to maintain complete record of every employee in detailed manner. Information like qualification, number of years’ experience, previous work record, salary withdrawal, etc., are added in the module. School management software like SchoolEye can be customized; therefore management can customize this or any other module as per their requirements.

Inventory Management – Every educational institute be it kindergarten or university invests heavily in their inventory and take concrete measures to manage it properly. Data related to number of items procured in a month, total usage, total misplaced, remaining items, items need to re-order, etc. needs maintenance and updation on regular basis. With this software, it will become a child’s play as an assigned resource needs to feed the data and detailed report can be downloaded within minutes.

Transport Management – With growing students’ ratio, the school authorities need to maintain a large fleet of vehicles well-equipped with GPS systems. The transport management module helps in maintaining vehicle log, route management, daily number of runs, etc. This module sends SMS alert to parents in advance regarding the route particular vehicle is following and by when time it will reach at their defined stoppage.

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Summary- The school management software helps in managing different pieces of information ranging from students’ data, employee data, inventory details and transport logs accurately without using much manpower.