Application Modules

SchoolEye School Management Modules

In SchoolEye software, several progressive modules are in-built which provide fast, secure information in real-time to users. Well-designed and ready-to-use modules include but not limited to student management, employee management, HRM & Payroll, Document Management, time table module to library management. Designed to cater to needs of small as well as large academic bodies, educational institutions are free to choose any module as per their requirements and need to pay for what they use. We are Delhi-NCR based service provider and as per business requirements offers modules, which are easy to customize further with additional features. Any educational institution based in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad or Gurugram can call us for viewing a demo of our school ERP, SchoolEye.

Our user-friendly dashboard gives login access to teachers, school management, students and parents and provides them with definite solution. Moreover, whatever information is shared in the module remains fully protected with SSL securities. Our service support team remains on their toes to resolve clients’ problems in minimum time frame. So, let’s take a sneak peak about different modules integrated in our school ERP and what they encompass.

Student Management

The student management can now maintain comprehensive record of every student getting enrolled in different streams in an education institution. Maintaining records like personal details along with photographs of students, previous school details, birth and other educational documents, guardians’ detail, admission in which streams and standard etc., would be no more a tiring task.

Admission Management

The software manages admission process of new as well as old students in simple steps. Online registration of students, verifying and shortlisting applications online, submitting admission forms along with fee, etc., are few of the tasks which can be performed with ease.

Fee Management

Comprehensive and robust data about fee management of any institution with SchoolEye can be prepared in nick of the time. Preparing trackers of how many students paid fee on time, mode of payment, outstanding fee, scholarship obtained by students, generating fee challan, etc. would be a child’s play with this software.

Employee Management

Manage employee data precisely and flawlessly with information like employee’s leave, job designation, grade, department, subjects, years of association including personal information.

Attendance Management

Check irregularities in students’ and staffs’ attendance through SchoolEye. Managing and maintaining students as well as staff attendance accurately, obtaining details regarding national holidays, leaves availed by students and staff is one of the tasks which software can perform with ease.

HRM & Payroll

Giving complete power to Human Resource Management Personnel, important information like salary details, salary slip, PF challan, increment details, arrears of employees, bank account details are easy to feed and extract. Even students can document their grievances through HRM module.

Transport Management

Effectively manage transport of your institution with user-friendly School Management software, SchoolEye. Managing vehicle log, drivers and helpers, mapping route to students, route pick up and drop points, daily driver details, etc., ensures security of students as well as staff.

Document Management

Eliminate chances of data duplication and many other errors by using our DMS module. Through DMS module, any data related to students, teaching or non-teaching staff can be updated and obtained. Additionally, with every updation, users are notified with SMS alert instantly.

Inventory Management

Get accurate data regarding inventory at your fingertips through reliable SchoolEye ERP. Purchasing report, cost and consumption report, department where inventory is used, etc. are easy to obtain and sort through this module.

Parents’ Portal

Parents, any point of time, can get performance sheet of their wards by logging in at parents’ portal module. Even if parents have any concern, they can highlight the same through the portal.

Timetable Module

Ensure optimum utilization of human resources by creating timetable within minutes and deploying resources accordingly. Uses can obtain details like setting class timings and breaks, creating timetable for individual classes as well as for teachers, mapping teacher to particular subject and class on weekly basis, extra classes schedule, etc., through timetable module.

Library Management

Interactive interface of library module allows library staff to keep record of library books handy. Books name along with author, number of books issued at particular ID, returning book alert, late fee fine on students, etc., are some of the details can be stored in library database in fraction of seconds.

Birthday, News & Daily Activities

Why to remember important events or birthdays of anybody? SchoolEye software is there for you acting as a reminder. Important events, news or activities of schools and birthdays of students or staff are flashed at the dashboard for every users’ convenience.

Subject & Courses

- Assigning subjects to teacher, setting course batches subject associations, keeping a record of electives selected by which students, etc. are some of the details which remain handy in subject & course module.

Petty Cash Management

Managing day-to-day expense of the institution, reconciling petty cash account, taking report on opening and closing balance of every day is a matter of few seconds with petty cash module.

Examination (CCE pattern)

Examination module is designed to help students and parents gather information about exam details and performance cards. It also helps teachers in uploading or editing score cards, feeding exam important instructions, preparing graphical representation of result and many more. The CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) is maintained appropriately as per defined pattern.


Communication module acts as a platform where important communication to parents can be send by teachers. Information pertaining to admission, fee dues, attendance, performance analysis of students are notified by sending SMS alerts as well as via emails also.

TC Verification Process

Verification of Transfer Certificate of students can be easily done by checking TC certificates of students at this module. Even students can easily download their TC from this verification module and get admission in any other educational institute without any problem.

Hostel Management

Hostel Management module is extremely helpful for hostel wardens. Information like which room is allotted to which students, which rooms are vacate, which rooms are two-seater and three-seater, menu for different days, etc., can be downloaded or checked easily and at any time.

Student Medical Module

Medical history of students can be easily obtained through student medical module. Vaccinations done of how many students, students are suffering from which allergies and diseases, what treatment is given, etc., are some of the details equipped in the module.

Student trip Management Module

Every year students enjoy trips organized by school management. Through this module, information like number of trips organized, destination chosen, how many students given fee, date of trip, trip attendance, etc., can be given to top management or parents as and when asked.

Student Discipline Module

Every intolerable activity of students can be highlighted through this student discipline module. Different discipline categories are maintained where specific disciplinary actions of students are highlighted along with corrective measures like how they are penalized. This is one of the modules which can be assessed by parents as well.

Visitor Management

Management at any point of time can get complete details how many visitors visit per day, their contact details and information like to whom to meet with SchoolEye visitor module.


Whether it is a student or staff, no need to feel a hitch in raising your queries or complaints. Easy to use module configures query pattern, restrict the number of query per user and define the propagation path clearly. Even respective authorities can reply on these queries by following defined propagation path.

Fire-drill Management

Fire management can be best managed through fire-drill management. Setting meeting points, mapping and managing fire drill group, making moking drill, etc., are few activities which can be done through the module.

Student I-card Management

I-card management module enables users to perform the task of I-card printing with barcode and manage I-card template with ease.

Disaster Management

Proactive measures can be taken for minimizing the effect of any disaster. Through this software, a group can be created in which students and teachers are mapped. In case of any disaster, group members were notified with mobile app.

Early Going

Some time students need to go early to home. So our module provides this facility to school and parent to take student to home easy and safely. Our module also take record of the person how take the student early to home.