Mobile Application

Mobile Application SchoolEye

Do you want access of different features of SchoolEye, a school management ERP software program, at your fingertips? Our SchoolEye mobile app will not disappoint you. Our mobile app is simple to use and easy-to-understand for all users- be it teachers, parents, students or higher school management. You just need to install it once for getting lifetime access and it gets updated automatically every time you access it. For viewing various pieces of information like homework details of children, holidays update and attendance records or making any changes in timetable, etc., users can do it all directly from the app. As soon as the changes are made, pop-up notification alert would be send to the concerned users within no time.

Our SchoolEye app is compatible both with Android or iPhone. Every module which is available at our school management software is available at app also. So, whether parents want to pay fees for their wards, teachers want to upload pictures of any event or management wants to track inventory expense, all and many more can be done in the palm of your hand. At every step, you will find our school management software as well as app is working with you hand to hand.

So, download the app now!