The Most Sought After ERP in Education Industry

SchoolEye - The Most Sought After ERP in Education Industry

Running school effectively by making optimum utilization of resources is not an easy task. The school management needs to focus upon a several tasks which compel them to devote less time on important tasks. However, with the implementation of school ERP like SchoolEye, every education institution can easily manage varied school activities in the most hassle-free manner.

What is SchoolEye?

SchoolEye is a school management software or ERP which helps in streamlining and automating different school activities. By acting as a common platform between school and parents, it ensures smooth and timely flow of communication between teachers, students and parents. The software is dotted with several user-friendly features.

Features of School ERP, SchoolEye

  • It is cloud based software, which is accessible from anywhere. Internet connectivity and a PC or laptop is the only requirement.
  • The cloud server is highly safe and secure and only authorized users can access the data.
  • The software is accessible via web as well as app. The web interface is simple to use and easy to understand, and the SchoolEye app runs seamlessly at android devices.
  • The software can be used by multiple users at a time. Each user is provided with unique ID and password for operating it.
  • The software is integrated with SMS and Email alerts which is send to different users from time to time.

Advantages of Using School ERP

Every user—be it student, teacher, school management or parents can get unlimited benefits of using the software. Students get information related to timetable, examination schedule, attendance and progress report with the click of a mouse. Teachers upload progress report of students, their attendance record and any other important information which they want to disseminate to students or parents via this software instantly. Parents can communicate with teachers directly and get detailed information about their wards’ performance. They can even check the activities in which their wards participated and performed. Last but not the least—the school management can get access to important information related to school expenses and revenue in the nick of time in the form of excel sheet.

So, all in all, it can be said that the school ERP like SchoolEye helps in streamlining every school activity and shows profit-oriented results if applied timely. In order to know more information about the school management software or school ERP, contact the service provider The service provider not only offers the software at cost-effective prices but takes complete responsibility of providing training to users whenever required.

Summary- School ERP like SchoolEye is packed with innumerable features that help in smooth communication between school management and parents. It is accessible via web as well as app.