School Management Software

School Management Software Give Complete Visibility of Expenses & Income of Running an Education Institution

What could be the effortless way to keep a tab on all expenses and incomes of education institutions? If you think hiring trained manpower resources would be appropriate answer of aforementioned query, unfortunately you are thinking in a wrong direction. Preparing reports manually may solve the purpose but it will consume a lot of time, energy and money as well. Moreover, due to manual entry, possibility of error always remains high. Automating school’s operation by using school management software is one of the easiest and effective ways to track all expenses and income sources of education institutions eliminating the possibility of any error. Let’s see how.

The school management software, also known as school ERP, is equipped with several modules which demand regular updating for generating concrete and updated reports. For instance, if higher management of an education institution wants to track down total expenses of running an education institution, they need to check some of these modules:

  • HRM & Payroll
  • Inventory Management
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Last but not the least, the software is easy to afford as it involves one-time cost only. The service providers provide complete training to school teachers as well as non-teaching staff regarding its usage.

HRM & Payroll will give them crystal clear idea about total salaries paid to teaching and non-teaching staff, inventory management tracks down expenses made on inventory on daily basis. Coming to petty cash management, day-to-day administrative and sundry expenses of an institution is easy to chalk out with petty cash management module and so on.

Similarly, when it comes to tracking income of an education institution, fee management plays a vital role. At any point of time, reports pertaining to number of students took admission in particular month and fee amount collected from them is easy to obtain. So, all in all it can be said that whether you want to track expenses or income of a school or university, implementation of school management software would be a sensible decision.

SchoolEye is one of the most reputed and comprehensive software program that control entire activities of an education institution by interlinking different departments. Installation and running the software program demands one-time cost. The service providers like provide demo before offering the software and after sales services. So, move ahead with technology and upgrade your system with school ERP.